Environment Infographic Templates – Make Infographic Drawing Easy

A list of environment infographic templates showing how to protect the earth with vivid graphics and charts. The templates are easily editable and with various vector infographic elements that you can use to make professional-looking environmental infographics.
Infographics are the display of information in such a way that they can be easily understood at a glance rather than long boring texts. And infographics play a more and more important role in this information-flooded age because of its visual presentation. Environment infographics are one of the applications, which are key to better understanding some paramount environment topics like resource scarcity global warming, acid rain or ozone depletion, etc.

Environment Infographic Templates

Following are blank environment infographic templates created by our infographic maker. Please feel free to download and edit them if any interest.

Love Earth Infographic Template

This love earth infographic template shows a polluted planet with excessive factories and traffics. It also includes charts telling people with data how much the earth is damaged, and how urgent we should love and protect our earth.
Environment Infographics Template1

Pollution Warning Infographic Template

Pollution likely affects over a billion people around the world, and it’s time we begin and seriously protect and save the environment. Below is a pollution warning infographic template that you can use to educate people to realize the severe environmental situation. It uses green and gray colors to show the contrast of polluted and unpolluted environment.
Environment Infographics Template2

Environmental Care Infographic Template

Environment protection is always an important issue. It’s time to take actions to care and love our environment. This envrionmental care infographic template shows what we can do from our daily life to care and protect the earth.
Environment Infographics Template3

Environment Guide Infographic Template

If you want to tell people what they can do to save the earth, you can use this environment guide infographic template. It gives some advices visually and vividly through the combination of images and texts. The template is fully customizable. You can change the text, color or images with your own.
Environment Infographics Template4

Better Environment Infographic Template

There are many green tips to make our environment better. This better environment infographic template can help you visualize the tips. Click the infographic you can download the editable file and use it to represent all your ideas about environmental protection.
Environment Infographics Template5

Guide on Editing An Existing Infographic Templates

A simple guide on how to edit an existing infographic template to your needs and a quick overview of a powerful and humanized infographic maker.

Steps to Edit Existing Infographic Template

Below are detailed steps to edit infographic templates.

Step 1. Open A Template

The first step is launching infographic software, clicking New > Infographic to open a infographic template.
Open An Infographic Template

Step 2. Change the Content

Pitch on the existing content and press Delete Tab to delete them, then adding your own text.
Change Content

Step 3. Replace The Icons

What we are going to do now is replacing the current infographic elements. Just opt for the existing icon and replace it with the icon you drag from the left libraries.
Replace Icons

Step 4. Substitute The Charts

After that, it’s time to delete the existing charts and substitute with your own charts and data.
Substitute Charts

Step 5. Save or Export The Edited Infographic

The newly edited infographic is almost ready after finishing above steps. And now users can click Save on File tab to save the new infographic as the default .eddx format; or users can also choose Export & Send to under File menu to export the infographic to common formats for sharing more conveniently.
Save or Export Edited Infographics
Below is the edited infographic template for your reference.
Edited Infographics

How to Design Animal Infographics within Minutes

A simple guide on how to design animal infographics within several minutes will be introduced in the article.
Infographic software is a powerful and professional animal infographic maker which provides a large quantity of infographic elements and hundreds of templates for users to drag-and-drop. Even a newbie without any drawing skills can also create beautiful animal infographics with it. Following is a step-by-step drawing guide.
Animal Infographics

Step 1. Open A New Infographic Drawing Page

Launch infographic software, go to File menu, click New>Infographic to open a blank animal infographics drawing page.
Open Infographic Blank Page

Step 2. Drag and Drop Animal Symbols

Navigate to left libraries, drag proper animal symbols and drop on the drawing page. All the infographic elements if provided are customizable, users can easily edit the dimensions, colors, directions, group/ungroup the symbols to meet the requirement of different situations. And it provides a set of drawing tools for users to create their own symbols if there they are not satisfied with the built-in ones.
Drag and Drop Animal Symbols

Step 3. Add Key Contents

After dragging animal symbols, go to Home Page and click Text or press Ctrl+2 to add key points, then click any blank area or click Select to finish typing.
Add Infographic Content

Step 4. Choose Background

Users can click Background on the Home page to select a single color background or choose texture background from the left libraries.
Choose Background

Step 5. Save or Export Animals Infographics

Users can click Save on File tab to save the animal infographics as the default .eddx format; for sharing conveniently, users can also select Export & Send under File menu to export the infographics to any formats that convenient to share, such as Word, PPT, PDF, images or even Visio is supported.
Save or Export Animal Infographics

Free Editable Infographic Business People Elements

When creating business infographics, infographic business people elements become one of essential elements definitely which can make the infographics more interesting and professional.
Infographic is one of the best tools that a business can use to start a viral marketing campaign for it turns boring data and facts into attractive visualizations which catches more attentions. And infographic business people elements, a major part in the business infographics, get more and more important.

Infographic Business People Elements

A professional infographic maker should provide many kinds of business people elements and group them into different categories for ready reference, just like the below pictures shows. All the infographic elements are editable, users can customize the elements, such as changing the color, size and directions to meet the requirement of different situations.

Examples of Infographic Business People Elements Application

This part offers 3 examples of business people elements application. The first one usually used for business negotiation, people in blue and in white are represented for different companies.
Business People Element Application
Below example often applied in successful negotiation, with files and contracted signed, people shake their hands for future friendly cooperation.
Infographics Business People Element Application
The third examples shows a whole business process. Different people are responsible for different works and they are conducting a global deal.
Application of Infographics Business People Element