Download Administrative Structure Examples for Free

Administrative structure examples can visually outline the internal structure of a company or an organization and clearly define who does what, whom to report to and who makes the decisions.
Following are administrative structure examples created by Org Chart Creator i use most frequently, a professional org chart application with many handy features. This article will introduce some features in below administrative structure examples.

Service Enterprise Administrative Structure

Here is a detailed finance administrative structure which specifies the detailed job responsibility of single person. This administrative structure example can be also applied to those big companies.

Marketing Administrative Structure

This is an administrative structure of marketing department. You can text the information one by one or make those data into a excel form and import to the org chart by a few clicks.

Finance Administrative Structure

Here is a detailed finance administrative structure which specifies the detailed job responsibility of single person. This administrative structure example can be also applied to those big companies.

Software Company Administrative Structure

This software company administrative structure clearly tells us that Alexander is big boss who can make decisions. You can also download this org chart for free and customize the content of your own company and make a new org chart.

Retail Enterprise Administrative Structure

This is a clear but a little boring retail administrative structure. You can import beautiful photos of each person to make this structure more attractive. You can also add background to make it more beautiful.

Purchasing Service Administrative Structure

This purchasing service administrative structures looks a little humdrum at the first sight. You can change the color of different positions and add a background to make it more eye-catching.

Salary Administrative Structure

This is a very simple salary administrative structure. You can set the display options if there is something confidential.

Manufacturing Administrative Structure

This is a specific manufacturing administrative structure which outlines the whole departments of this company. All the colors, fonts and background can be changed.

Sales Department Administrative Structure

This is a pretty professional sales department administrative structure with all the information listed in the chart.

Project Department Administrative Structure

This simple administrative structure example depicts the subdivisions of project department and its specific positions.

Guide on Creating Social Media Flowchart

As the popularization of mobile phones, social media is becoming an integral part of online life. More and more social websites and applications proliferate. Following are some guidelines to create a professional social media flowchart.

Introduction of Social Media and Social Media Flowchart

Social media is the collection of online communications channels which enable people around the world to interact with each other by sharing and consuming information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression. They change the way individuals and large organizations communicate. There are many types of social media, such as blogs, business networks, enterprise social networks, forums, microblogs, photo sharing, products/services review, etc. And Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Wikipedia, Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest are prominent examples among the different types of social media.

Social Media Flowchart is a diagram flow which depicts the detailed steps to use a social medium. Users will find those new social media easy to use if there is a vivid flowchart with specific steps description.

Steps to Create a Social Media Flowchart

Creating a social media with a smart flowchart creator can save us a lot of time and energy. Just follow the below steps and you will find drawing a flowchart is much easier than you have thought.

  • Determine which social media flowchart to create.
  • Think in mind how to process the flowchart.
  • Drag and drop flowchart symbols on the page.
  • Text each step into right symbols.
  • Connect the symbols with arrow in order.
  • Complete and improve the social media flowchart.

After finishing those 6 steps, a professional and attractive social media flowchart comes out. And below is an example for your reference.


More Flowchart Types

Except for social media flowcharts, there are many other types of flowcharts, including BPMN flowcharts, cross-functional horizontal and vertical flowcharts, data and event flow diagram, IDEF and SDL diagrams, etc. Just click flowchart types to view different and download flowchart templates if any interest.


Guide on Creating Construction Flowchart

Construction is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure. It is very serious and rigorous, so before starting constructing, engineers will draw a construction flowchart to help themselves check the whole process and find if there is any mistake.
This article will give you a brief introduction to the construction and an outstanding flowchart creator to draw the construction flowchart.

What is Construction and Construction Flowchart?

There are mainly three types of constructions: building, infrastructure and industrial. And their major steps are almost the same.
  • Create floor plans and prepare a material list.
  • Obtain necessary building approval.
  • Clear the building site and lay the foundation.
  • Build the main load-bearing structure and add floor and ceiling joists.
  • Cover outer walls and install essential internal windows, plumbing and other utilities.
  • Finish the rest installation of necessary equipment.
Construction flowchart is a series of flowchart symbols which connect the detailed steps of construction. It uses graphic symbols to represent the complicated and rigorous process vividly and understandably.

How to Draw a Construction Flowchart?

Drawing a construction flowchart with a smart flowchart creator, Flowchart Maker, makes difficult thing easy. Just follow the below steps and you will find drawing a construction flowchart is incredibly simple.
  1. Drag relevant symbols of the flowchart and drop them on the page.
  2. Text each step into right symbols.
  3. Connect the symbols with an arrow in sequence.
  4. Complete and recheck the construction flowchart.
Then you can get an attractive construction flowchart. A professional and rigorous construction flowchart can help engineers find out the potential mistake and avoid causing serious consequence. Below is a construction flowchart example for your reference.
Construction Flowchart

How to Create Sales Process Flowchart Quoic

Map out and create a sales process flowchart to help people understand the complicated sales process.
Following are some guidelines to help you create a more professional-looking sales process flowchart.

What is a sales process?

In simple terms, a sales process is a systematic process involving a series of steps that enable a sales force to close more deals, make more profits and make more sales through referrals. It mainly includes following steps.
  • Product knowledge is a basic requirement to go on the sales process. When a person is extremely versed in a particular product, he has bigger chance to get more orders.
  • Prospecting means searching potential customers in demand. It’s better to create a customer database to record their information for follow-up.
  • The approach means to try many ways to contact the potential buyer. Generally speaking, a telephone call is better than emails, cause many promoting emails enter into junk mail box.
  • After contact with a customer, you should assess his needs by asking questions.
  • You can make a convincing presentation after you assessing the needs of a customer.
  • The final step is as getting an order from a customer.
Sales process flowchart aims to make this complex process easy to understand by drawing some symbols and connectors.

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Guide on Creating an Order Flowchart

Have you ever met with the problem that you do not know what to do and who should be responsible for to process an order? Then you need an order process flowchart to help you have a better understanding of order process.
This article mainly talks about Four parts. The first part is the whole process of order and definition of order process flowchart. The second part is functions of the flowchart.The third part is steps to create an orderly process flowchart. The final part is an introduction to professional flowchart software.

Whole Process of Order and Definition of Sales Order Process Flowchart

The whole process of the order has 7 steps. Normally start from finding a customer in demand, quoting for a customer, negotiating a price with the customer. If the customer is satisfied with the price and quality, he/she will place the order and arrange the payment. Then the supplier prepares the goods and delivers the goods. The whole process of order ends with receipt of goods. Sometimes, there may be repeated orders from the customer.
And order process flowchart is a diagram to describe the systematic flow of the whole process from the suppliers to customers and show the relationship between the major parts of the process.

Functions of Flowchart

Flowchart is a wonderful tool used to describe complicated ideas or process in a visual and graphical manner. It uses a series of symbols and text to makes complex systems work easily. Flowchart can also help CEOs, general manager and other organization planners to assess the flow of data and make it easier to find the reason if there is something wrong.

Steps to Create an Order Process Flowchart

  1. Find out the staffs or corresponding departments involved in the process or function, and listed them on the page.
  2. List the steps in the process through brainstorming.
  3. Connect the steps with arrow according to their correct order.
  4. Discuss to improve and perfect the flowchart.
With this visual order process flowchart, you can easily understand the whole process of order and know the function of each step. Below is a simple order process example for you.
Order Process Flowchart Software

Order Workflow Chart Example

You can also use graphic representation to show order process instead of using standard flowchart symbols. This kind of flowchart we call it “Workflow”. Here is an workflow example of the order process.
Order Workflow Example

Order Processing Data Flow Chart

Sometimes developers also would like to use another type of flowchart – data flow diagram. Here is an order processing data flow example. You can click the image to download this template if you need it.
Order Processing Data Flow

Step-by-step Guide for Creating Quotation Flowchart

A quotation flowchart enables salespeople know the process of the order and take actions appropriate to close the order with customers.
If you are wondering what is quotation flowchart and how to create it to help you get more orders, follow this article and you will find the answer you want.

Quotation Flowchart Definition

The definition of the quotation is telling the cost of goods or service to a potential customer before they commit to the purchase. The price of goods or service are relatively stable once a seller sends a quotation
And quotation flowchart is a diagram which visually depicts the detailed process of a quotation from receiving an inquiry to the final closing an order. It lets salespeople know how does the order go on and what should they do to proceed the order.

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Overview of Three Main Types of Flowchart

Flowchart offers us an easy way to describe business, manufacture or administrative processes. Here is a brief summary of the three most popular types of flowcharts.

Flowchart, a graphical representation of algorithm, workflow or process, is incredibly versatile. It helps simplify a process to allow easy troubleshooting.

We will introduce the three most popular flowchart types and how they can help you be better at anything you do.

Three Most Commonly Used Types of Flowcharts

The three most commonly used types of flowcharts include:

  • Process Flowchart
  • Data Flowchart
  • Business Process Modeling Diagram

One: Process Flowchart

Process Flowchart

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Quick Steps to Create Employee Performance Evaluation Flowchart

Employee performance evaluation flowchart is a great tool not only for employers to evaluate the contributions employees made to companies and but also for employees to improve their performance according to the evaluation criteria during the process.

Introduction of Employee Performance Evaluation Flowchart

Employee performance evaluation, which provides employers with a chance to assess their employees contributions to the company, is not only essential to developing a powerful work team but also is a key component for employees’ development. The employee performance evaluation flowchart process includes setting goals, measuring performance, performance feedback, employee recognition and documentation of employee progress.

Employee performance evaluation flowchart uses standard symbols to present the whole process graphically and understandably, both employers and employees can make use of it to meet their own needs.

Quick Steps to Create Employee Performance Evaluation Flowchart - Image 1

Steps to Create Employee Performance Evaluation Flowchart

Follow these simple 5 steps, and you will find creating a flowchart with a professional flowchart maker is such an effortless and interesting thing.

Step One: open a flowchart drawing page

On the File menu, go to New >Flowchart, and then double-click Basic Flowchart to pen a blank drawing page for designing an employee performance evaluation flowchart.

Quick Steps to Create Employee Performance Evaluation Flowchart - Image 2

Step Two: add flowchart shapes to the diagram from the library

Library on the left panel of the program contains all flowchart shapes needed to make a performance management flowchart, simply drag and drop them onto your drawing page.

Tips: you can change a shape’s color and border by clicking any style under the Home tab in the Styles group.

Quick Steps to Create Employee Performance Evaluation Flowchart - Image 3

Step Three: connect flowchart shapes

Shapes are connected automatically by clicking the floating action button to generate connectors between two shapes.

Tips: if two shapes are aligned, a straight connector is generated. If not, a right-angle connector will appear. -> Right click a connector to change its style.

Quick Steps to Create Employee Performance Evaluation Flowchart - Image 4

You can also use Connector tool under Home tab to connect shapes manually.

Step Four: add flowchart contents

To add text content to a shape or connector, double-click it, and then type. Click on any blank area of the page to finish typing. After that, you have completed an evaluation flowchart.

Step Five: save or export completed employee performance evaluation flowchart

Click Save on File tab to save as the default .eddx format, or you can also select Export & Send under File to export the flowchart to images, PPT, PDF, Word format, etc even Visio format.

Quick Steps to Create Employee Performance Evaluation Flowchart - Image 5