How to Create Library for Flowchart

Apart from using built-in library materials, you can also create your own libraries with custom symbols. This simple guide below will tell you how to build and manage your own library.

Create Libraries from Images

  1. Switch to Symbols menu.

create library from images

2. Click Create Library From Images button.

3. On the pop-up window, choose a file folder which includes the images you want to make as library elements.

4. Click Ok. You will see a new library is created in the library panel.

Create new library from images


You can remove a library element when it’s unnecessary. Right-click the shape. From the context menu click Delete to eliminate the shape.

Delete library element

You can also change the element order by clicking the Move Up or Move Down item.

You can change the element name by clicking the Modify Symbol… item.

modify name library element

Create Library with Custom Shapes

Draw a New Shape

  1. Switch to Symbols menu, and use drawing tools to draw your own shape.

drawing tools

Take the Material symbol as an example. You can use the Rectangle tool and the Line tool to draw it. For complicated shapes, use Pen or Pencil Tool. For more details, please click How to Use Pen Tool and How to Use Pencil Tool.

drawing tools

2. Click Rectangle. -> Hold down the left mouse button and drag on the blank canvas.

3. Switch back to Select mode. -> Select the rectangle. -> Resize the rectangle by dragging the square handles.

Draw a New Shape

4. Click Line tool. ->Hold down the left mouse button and drag 3 lines within the rectangle.

5. Switch back to Select mode. -> Select the line, when the pointer is a four-head arrow, hold down the left mouse button to move the shape.

6. Drag the square handles to resize the lines.

7. Press F4 to edit shapes more accurately through Property function. Enter the relevant value based on your target shape.

drawing tools

8. Select all lines and the rectangle. -> Click Group on Home tab. After they are grouped, they become a single shape.

Draw a New Shape

Add Connection Points to the Shape

  1. After you complete the drawing, you can add connection points around the shape. Select the shape, and choose Add Connection Points Automatically on Connection Point Tool.

connection points tool

2. To add a text above the shape or with a control point, go to Text Tool.

add text tool

For example:

Save the Shape You Drew as Library Element

Switch to Symbols menu, click Save Symbol button to save the shape as library element.

Then you will get two files respectively in .ede and .bmp formats.

ede files

Add the Shape You Drew to Existing Library

  1. Open the target library.
  2. Right-click on the blank area within the library.
  3. Click Import Symbol.
  4. Enter the name and prompt for the shape.
  5. Select the .ede and .bmp file you just saved.
  6. Click Ok.

ede files

Build a New Library

  1. In the Library menu click New Library button. A blank library template will be created in the library pane.

Add Library Element

  1. Right-click the blank area of the template window. Then click Import Symbol button.

Import Symbol from Element

2. On the Add Shape dialog, you can edit your shape’s name and prompt, the most important thing is to select the .ede and .bmp files saved before, click OK.

3. The new shape will be added to the library template.

Save Library Template

Change Library Name

  1. Right-click the title of New Library and click Rename Library option to change the name of your library. Press Enter key to save the new name.

Save the Library

  1. Don’t forget the most important step. Save the library so that you can use next time. Right-click the title of New Library and click Save Library. Choose a saving place and remember the route for next time opening.

Save Library

Then you have created your own library successfully.


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