How to Convert Flowchart to PDF

Flowchart is a graphical diagram that can help us to better understand a complicated process. But sometimes, not all of the people have the diagram software to open the flowchart. At this time, good diagram software which supports file formats conversion will be welcome.

And this article will give an example to illustrate the file formats conversion.

Firstly, you should choose the diagram software which supports the file formats conversion and transit.

Secondly, click Open to open a Flowchart


Thirdly, go to File→Export & Send, select PDF, PS, EPS → PDF Vector Format.

Fourthly, browse your computer and choose a location to save your PDF file.Fifthly, then you get your flowchart successfully converted to PDF with just several clicks. Below is a converted PDF example for your reference. Isn’t it very easy and fast?

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