15 Funny Flowcharts -Flesh OutYour Creativity

Funny flowcharts can be great tutorials in helping people figure out the way flowchart works. Flowcharts are amazing in leading readers on a journey to the information they are seeking. They help break problem down into small pieces with a sequence of binary decisions, so that readers choose the right path and reach a final result. Generally, flowcharts are supposed to be complicated and boring, that is why most people hate them. But actually, they can be applied to almost any scenario, and can be amused as well. After going through these funny flowcharts below, you will start loving them.

Funny flowcharts will help you to appreciate the power of flowcharting skills. By studying these funny flowcharts below, you will have a new understanding of what a flowchart can do, and how amzaing it is. Come and experience this wonderful journey.

Should I worry?


Though simple, this flowchart is very positive and motivating. It tells us that there’s no sense in worrying about something you can’t do anything about.

Should I do my homework now?


For many kids, homework is the biggest problem, which they usually leave to the very last minute to get done. The flowchart on the left vividly depicts this scenario.

What to Eat for Lunch on Sunday?


Don’t know what to eat for lunch on Sunday? This flowchart helps you figure out.

Will You Get Married?


This flowchart helps illustrate things a couple need to consider before getting married, and what situations might lead to a break up.

Shopping for New Dresses


This flowchart vividly depicts the process when a girl buys new dresses . With this example, people can have a clearer understanding of flowchart.

We Will Rock You Lyrics


Flowchart is absolutely a great tool for representing lyrics.

Should I Have a Baby Now?


See this flowchart, when in dilemma whether you should have a baby or not.

Should I listen to my mother?


A flowchart shows whether to listen to your mother’s word from a teenager’s point of view.

Should I Wear Sport Pants Today?


When is it OK for college girls to wear sport pants?

Should I Say Hi When I Forget the Person’s Name?


It might be awkward when you want to address someone and couldn’t remember the name. This flowchart tells you what to do in that situation.

Prepare for a Date


Many girls might have experienced the same situation as the flowchart shows, when they prepare for a date and try to find out the best outfit.

How to Mix Dough?


A simple example clearly shows how a flowchart works.

Do It !


If you have an issue with procrastination, here is your way out.

I Should Cook Again!


Have you experienced the same thing when you learn cooking?

How to Succeed?

If there is any new funny flowcharts, welcome to add it!

Create Fabulous Org Charts Fast (with Pictures)

Sometimes we need draw an organization chart to make complicated things much simple. But how to make it? Does it require drawing skill? Following are some guidelines with pictures to make more professional-looking org charts.

Steps to Create an Organizational Chart
Three simple ways are available to create an organizational chart. You can start from a blank organizational chart drawing page, import data directly and make use of the templates. The first two ways will be illustrated below. Let’s focus on how to start from a blank page firstly. To make your chart more professional and polished, go to Top Tips to Make Org Charts Work for reference. Also, we’ve created a video tutorial to help you get started with Org Chart: Video Tutorial – How to Create an Org Chart.
Step 1 Open a Blank Page to Make Org Chart


Blank Org Chart
1. Start Edraw.(Just recommended software, you can also try others)
2. On start page, click Organizational Chart in Template Categories list.
3. Click Create to open a blank organizational chart drawing page.
4. The Organizational Chart libraries and Org Chart tab open.
5. Drag a shape onto the drawing page.
Only drag-and-drop is required to draw a fabulous org chart, saving time and effort. The auto connection and relayout function make the process quite fun.

Step 2 Add Subordinate, Colleague and Assistant
There are several ways to achieve this goal. The easiest ways are as follows.
Use the Floating Buttons
Add Assistant
1. Select a shape.
2. Click the left floating button to add colleague.
3. Click the bottom floating button to add subordinate.
Note: There is no floating button for adding assistant. Follow these steps to add assistant:
1. Select the shape you want to add assistant to.
2. Click Add Assistant on the Org Chart tab
Drag and Drop
Drag to Add Subordinate and Colleague
1. Drag a shape over the right floating button of the target shape to add colleagues. Release mouse when a red box shows.
2. Drag a shape over the bottom floating button to add subordinate. Release mouse when a red box shows.

Step 3 Arrange the Layout of Org Chart
After adding many shapes, the chart may be too loose or too cramped. You can use the Layout tools on Org Chart tab to make the diagram in order.
1. Select Auto Layout check box to enable auto layout mode. Under auto layout mode, the whole diagram will be re-arranged every time you add or delete shapes.
2. Under the default layout mode, sometimes shapes may overlap other shapes. To avoid this problem, you can move away the shape manually, or start auto layout mode, or click Relayout on Org Chart tab to re-arrange the whole diagram.
3. Choose the pre-defined layout styles in the Layout group on Org Chart tab alternatively. If you only need to change the layout of a branch or parts of the chart, select the top position shape of that branch and choose the layout mode you want.
4. Click Distance on Org Chart tab to Increase/Decrease Horizontal/Vertical Distance, or click Move Left or Move Right buttons if you only need to make some minor changes.

Step 4 Define and Edit the Org Chart
Define Field
Organization Data
On Org Chart tab, in the Organization Data group, click Define Field. In the Shape Data dialog box, you can define the shape data fields. The modification will be applied to all the shapes in the diagram.
Display Options

Click Display Options on Org Chart tab. In the Display dialog box, you can define the display data fields, display order and the font style of the fields and the size of the shapes. The modification will be applied to all the shapes. Double click the shape to add text.
Enlarge Shapes
When the information is overloaded in the shape, it may not be able to display all text. In this case, increase the width or height of the shape. Enter larger values in the Display dialog boxes.
Replace Shapes
Replace Shape
To replace shapes style,
1. Click Replace Shape in the Replace group on the Home Menu.
2. Pick the shape style you prefer from the Libraries.
Thus your chart can be more visually appealing.
Insert Photos to Org Chart
Insert Photos
1. Move the pointer over the right floating button of the photo shape.
2. Choose Replace Photo.
3. Locate the photo you need.
4. Click Open.

Step 5 Save and Export Organizational Chart
1. Click Save on the Home Menu to save as the default format.
2. Choose Save as on the File Menu to save as more other formats.
3. Click Export on Org Chart tab to export it as MS excel format.
Thus, you can save the data and use it as a temple when you need to create organizational charts by importing data.
Import Data to Create an Organizational Chart
1. Click Import on Org Chart tab.
2. Click Browse… to locate the file that contains your organizational chart information.
3. Click Open.
4. Click Next.
5. Click Ok.
Voila! Your desired organizational chart has been created without hassle.
Organizational Chart Shapes
Card Shape Photo Shape
When you open an example in the Organizational Chart Templates, the Organizational Chart Shapes stencil opens at the same time. Shapes for organizational charts mainly include two categories: Card Shapes and Photo Shapes. If you need to present your staff’s photos, choose Photo Organizational Chart Templates.
Make Organizational Chart from Reay-made Examples
Starting from a similar example with
Edraw’s Organizational Chart Templates are loaded with a host of examples that can be used to visualize various kinds of organizational structures. The following is an example of Corporate Org Chart.