Top Sales Organizational Chart Templates

Explore any of these professionally-made sales organizational charts by clicking on them for more details. Create your own sales organizational chart today based on the handy org charting software. Below are top recommended sales organizational charts for you to easily and professionally illustrate the inner structure of your organization. Moreover, feel free to try this great organizational chart software to create any well-structured sales organizational charts and retail organizational charts etc.

Sales Organizational Chart – General Type

The first template here shows you a typical sales organizational chart structure. It covers the important functional departments and a sales team. For large enterprises, some overseas offices may also be included.

sales organizational chart general type

Sales Organizational Chart with Photos

Inserting employee photos are quite productive for displaying your organizational framework as well as reporting relationships. New staff could also get to know their workmates at the very first time. Here is an org chart template with photos, titles, and names.

sales organizational chart with photos

Basic Organizational Chart Shape

If you want to learn how to create your own sales organizational chart, you should start by creating a basic employee shape with his or her details as shown below:

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Must-have iPad UI Wireframe Software for Innovative Applications

Easily try this handy and professional UI wireframe software for various iPad applications. Start your own wireframe design creation with this convenient and time-saving software today.

Wondering which is the most effective way to create your iPad UI wireframe? Wanna offers a unique user experience? Want to show your productive functionality based on your content, layout style, and navigational buttons? Then simply refer to this article for a handy and advanced UI wireframe software.

UI Wireframe Software Features Overview

The advanced wireframe software offers you the great opportunity to taste rich sets of fully editable vector icons, symbols, and templates. You can also try its auto-create tools to quickly align your items in groups or switch between themes. What’s more, the software allows you to easily import or export to many formats, one-click share your work on SNS or do teamwork projects based on the built-in cloud system. With all of these attractive features, you would surely enjoy the creations of wireframe with this highly efficient UI wireframe software on Windows, Mac and even Linux operating system.

ipad UI wireframe software

Further Insights You Should Know

Easy Auto-create Tools

Creating clear and informative wireframes with the UI wireframe software is fun. You can drag and drop any of the preset wireframe symbols on your drawing board to further personalize texts, fonts, colors, positions, layouts, and the overall theme based on the auto-create tools.

edit wireframe symbols

Full Compatibility Options

You can benefit from a full set of exporting, importing and sharing choices. Once finished a creation, just export to formats like PDF, MS Word, PPT, HTML, SVG, Graphics etc. If you wanna more feedback, you can one-click to share work based on a link on different SNS platforms.

export and share wireframe

Convenient Team Collaboration

The UI wireframe software provides a great convenience to any kinds of your wireframe teamwork. You can easily manage team files by creating or joining new groups. Furthermore, as a team leader, you can quickly approve requests from external members or business partners.

wireframe software cloud system

Rich Your Content

Inserting supportive materials are no more than a few clicks. You can choose to add external images, QR codes, special symbols, hyperlinks, attachments, notes and more. For each of your notes, simply edit the text sizes, fonts and colors to highlight the important part.

add supportive materials

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Book Cover Design Software: The Innovative Recommendation

Book Cover Design Software Features at a Glance

The budget all-in-one design tool will bring your great convenience and innovations. You can freely to personalize formats for any categories of the book: hardcover, booklets, ebooks and more. More features include the auto-create theme style tools, complete built-in design resources, full exporting and sharing choices.

book cover design software interface

Build Your Readership with the Book Cover Design Software

Free feel to capture the essence of contents for your readers and explore potential ideas according to the below-advanced features.

VisioLike User Interface

You can start creations quickly just like using Microsoft Word or Visio based on the clear and productive user dashboard. Spark your imaginations by easily accessing lots of features in the panels and libraries.

drag and drop book textbox

Convenient Text Formatting

Start formatting your words with the rich sets of text fonts, colors, and sizes etc. Moreover, feel free to easily align your text boxes on the drawing canvas. You can also spell-check any errors before publishing in the book cover design software.

formatting text

Tweak Various Design Theme

Creately works with your own genres based on many auto-create tools to quickly switch theme style, change the background color, try different shadow effects etc. Alternatively, upload your local images or photos to make an even better visual impression.

tweak book cover design theme

Export and Share for Fun

The book cover design software allows you to print and export final work to many common formats like PDF for ebooks, PPT for presentations, and JPG for further marketing purposes. Managing your shares on different social media platforms can also be done within a few clicks.

export and share files

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Top 10 Creative Flowchart Templates for Stunning Visual Performance

Typical flowcharts are normally used for explaining complex steps in a logical and easy-to-follow sequence. However, flowcharts can do much more than just a clarifying process. The creative type flowchart presents an ever more attractive visualization than the traditional kind in terms of human brain operation habit. When you have through reading this article with creative flowchart templates, you would surely have brand new ideas for your daily life or business.

Winding Road Flowchart Template

It seems that adding durable diagram design symbols on your flowchart is no longer a secret to attract readers’ attention. For example, the ocean sea animals icons on the template below offer educational workers the great opportunity to tell fun stories about the magic sealife world to young students.

winding road flowchart template

Colorful Circles Flowchart Template

A flowchart fulls of curved lines can get boring, so why not try something different like innovative circles in your creative flowchart templates? The combination of circles and text boxes generates a unique pathway, meanwhile serves functional purposes for your educational coursework or business presentations.

colorful circles flowchart template

Two – colored Circles Creative Flowchart Template

A simple and neat flowchart design like this template here would bring so much convenience to readability. You can easily insert any of your key factors into the pre-set text boxes, or replace the default symbols by dragging and dropping new ones on the template.

two colored circles creative flowchart template

Warm Color Circles Flowchart Template

Mixed color circles, combined with multi-sized text blocks, can be a great solution to present entertaining content based on creative flowchart templates. You can reinforce dominant aspects by picking up preferred parts and typing relevant details in the dotted line circles.

warm color circles flowchart template

Light Background Circle Flowchart Template

The dark background may sometimes help a lot to highlight your key points, but a light one just shown in the below template could also strengthen your main ideas and streamline. Deciding a colour aberration could be risky, but the light background circle flowchart template here provides you a good choice.

light background circle flowchart template

Public Transport Sector Creative Flowchart Template

Creative flowchart templates are not all about commercial or educational uses, but also for creating explanational materials for public sector organizations. This template can bring local residents a clear set of choices to different transport channels.

public transport sector creative flowchart template

Environmental Industry Flowchart Template

Here comes another public sector creative flowchart template for the use of environmental departments. The cute icons represent specific terminologies so you don’t have to read a diagram full of boring long sentences.

environmental industry flowchart template

Creative Process Flowchart Template

Imagine that you have a quite complex process for your projects or work task, what could you do to convert it in an interesting way? Listing all the steps one by one in a form seems not to be an appropriate method, so how about makes it a kind of game board style as below in your creative flowchart templates?

creative process flowchart template

Food Cooking Procedure Flowchart Template

Now let’s have a break to get rid of all the busy work tasks. You may not have thought that a flowchart can even be attractive in terms of teaching a dish cooking procedure. You can effectively integrate various food symbols and text fonts in this template to go on a deeper level.

food cooking procdure flowchart template

Stars Process Flowchart Template

Have you ever thought of building your own website to earn extra money? Have you considered all the key steps to do so? Then simply list all of your available resources, business partners, marketing channels and more based on a timetable and carefully evaluate the possibility with the help of creative flowchart templates.

stars process flowchart template

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Top 6 Editable Value Chain Analysis Templates

Value chain analysis is quite important and widely used for the study of competitive advantages for different sizes of organizations. You can do so by easily download and customize value chain analysis diagram templates in this article.

Value Chain Analysis Introduction

Value chain analysis (VCA) is based on a number of steps and some individual value chains for managers to research the most key factors for their product or services. There are two dominant types of value chain analysis: the Primary Activities and the Support Activities. The former ones are used for the conversion and distribution of input and output, whereas the latter ones are for assisting the Primary ones. Successful VCA would increase profit and improve product differentiation in the long-term.

Value Chain Analysis Templates – Start from Porter’s Theory

The value chain analysis template below shows the very basic model of Porter’s value chain analysis process. The Supportive Activities are formed by four key factors like technology aspects, and the Primary Activities has a series of sub-categories such as branding, engagements, storing and so on.

porter value chain analysis example

Cost Profit Margin Value Chain Analysis Template

This template is especially used for the study of cost profit margin. It includes many significant measurements: accounting, financial management, human resources management, procurement, inbound and outbound logistics systems etc.

profit value chain analysis template

Public Products Value Chain Analysis Template

The template here offers a possible export process in public goods sectors. You can see those cooperations between domestic or overseas traders, the management of selling channels and the resources distributions.

public products value chain analysis example

Financing Acquisitions Value Chain Analysis Template

The template indicates the common steps of acquisitions and merger. Typically, professional accounting teams and lawyers will go through specific assessments for their organizational clients.

finance value chain analysis example

How about Educational Institutions?

Unlike the above value chain analysis templates. this one here shows you the process of academic researches. Such activities or programmes are normally undertaken in universities or public agencies. A team of professionalists would use methodologies and resources for projects.

academic research value chain analysis example

Personalize Your Own Value Chain Analysis Template Now

Now it is your chance to personalize based on a built-in fully editable template like the one below. Feel free to add the titles, contents, or even text boxes into the diagram, or you can also switch between theme styles by using the auto-create tool.

value chain analysis template

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Professional Org Chart Templates for Mac – Free to Download

If you are looking for organizational chart templates for Mac, this article will do you a great favor. Here are abundant organizational chart templates for Mac, all of them are free, downloadable, editable and printable. You can download those you like and customize them to fit your needs.

Moreover, you can try some powerful and professional Org Charting Software to create and view more templates if interested.


Organizational Chart is designed to keep the business running smoothly with a clear plan and liberate people from the tedious and disordered task. IT clearly lets people know what should they do and whom should they report to.


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How to Easily Create an Organizational Chart for PDF?

Overview of Organizational Chart

An organizational chart (often called organization chart, org chart, organigram, or organogram) is a visual representation depicts the internal structure of an organization or company. It outlines the roles, responsibilities, and relationships between individuals within an organization.

Using Easy Org Chart Software for Mac to Make PDF Organizational Chart

Here is an excellent organizational chart software coming with ready-made organizational chart templates that makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful and professional-looking organizational chart for PDF. It works on Mac, PC, and Linux, and has lots of modern features that greatly simplify the drawing process. Enjoy!

Organizational Chart in PDF

How to Create Organizational Chart for PDF

The fastest way to create organizational charts is to start from templates. Just fill in your content and customize the appearance to generate your own organizational charts.

You can also start from a blank page using pre-made symbols. After you open Edraw, choose an organizational chart template, and follow the instructions below.

Shapes: Drag and drop card shapes to the canvas. To add a shape, click the floating buttons. To delete a shape, select it and press Delete. Drag the selection handles to resize shapes. Use the color bar or palette to recolor them.

Text tool: The card shapes are designed with text boxes. Double click the shape to type in your own content.

Themes: Click on the theme to change font, color, line and fill style all together at once.

Background: Just drag and drop your preferable background to the organizational chart.

Layout: Go to Org Chart context menu, and from the layout gallery window, choose a layout style.

Lay out Organizational Chart

Data Field: Add, delete or edit the data field by clicking on the “Define Field” button. It determines how much information will be included or presented on the org chart.

Import: The “Import” function allows users to generate org charts by importing files. Just save the employee data in the TXT, CSV or XLSX files, then import the files.

Export: Click the File Menu.-> Click Export & Send.-> Choose PDF format (or other formats) and export the diagram.

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How Much Do You Know About Organizational Charts?

What’s an Organizational Chart

An org chart is the same thing as an organization chart. The term org chart refers specifically to the chart used to track human resources for the accurate management of human capital. Furthermore, you can create an org chart based on a handy org chart software.

Organizational Chart Definition

An organizational chart is a chart which represents the structure of an organization in terms of rank. The chart usually shows the managers and sub-workers who make up an organization. The chart also shows relationships between staff in the organization which can be:

  1. Line – direct relationship between superior and subordinate.
  2. Lateral – relationship between different departments on the same hierarchical level.
  3. Staff – the relationship between a managerial assistant and other areas. The assistant will be able to offer advice to a line manager. However, they have no authority over the line manager actions.
  4. Functional – relationships between specialist positions and other areas. The specialist will normally have authority to insist that a line manager implements any of their instructions.


In many large companies, the organization chart can be large and incredibly complicated and is therefore sometimes dissected into smaller charts for each individual department within the organization.

There are three different types of organization chart:

  1. Hierarchical
  2. Matrix
  3. Flat

Human Capital Management

Effective management of human capital is essential for staying competitive. It is the goal of every forward-looking company to decrease costs and increase efficiency. At the most fundamental level of managing human capital, you must have an org chart.

See the Benefits of Effective Human Capital Management:

  1. Identify key employees
    Allocate your resources in the most efficient manner. An org chart will help you identify key personnel and put them in a suitable position to maximize their effectiveness
  2. Assess your organization
    Evaluate the hierarchical structure of management and delineate clear paths of authority and responsibility. This will assist in creating a dynamic environment where employees understand their role within the organization and work together to further the goals of the company
  3. Develop and strengthen key areas of the organization
    An org chart will show you the strong areas of the organization and identify parts that need to be reorganized for effective and efficient results
  4. Create a dynamic environment
    Energize the company with effective management of human resources. With an org chart, you can instantly reorganize the priorities of the organization to deal with changing markets and competition. Today’s fast-paced environment demands the ability to immediately allocate resources where they are needed.

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Design a Photo Org Chart in One Breath

Photo organigrams (org chart) are more visualized and compelling than general organigrams. Here is an ideal tool for you to eliminate many hassles of adjusting the size of photos, drawing connectors and so on. This article shows you how to design a photo organigram in one breath. Besides, feel free to try more easy org chart software.

You may have designed tons of organigrams(org charts) before, but you may have troubles attaching photos in them. Edraw’s vector stencils library “Photo Shapes” includes 14 shapes supporting to insert photo without worry about big photo size.

The photos become a part of the shape after inserted. When you move the chart, the photo will move together with it.

Steps to Create Photo org Chart

Getting Started

Before Edraw can automatically connect shapes, you need to select the exact library you need. The first step is to choose the Organizational Chart from the list of templates on the Home tab. The template opens with the vector stencils library “Photo Shapes”. A panel on the top has all the commands you need to design your organigram, including the “Org Chart” tab.

Learn a beginner’s guide to the organizational chart. Also, we’ve created a video tutorial to help you get started with Org Chart: Video Tutorial – How to Create an Org Chart with Data,

org chart menu

Choosing an Organigram Shape

Select your preferable shape. Drag it onto the drawing page.

Adding Peers and Subordinates

  • Click the bottom floating button (or press Ctrl + Insert after selecting the shape) to add subordinates.

Add Subordinate

  • Click left floating button to add peers on the left.
  • Click right floating button peers on the right. (Hitting Insert can also add peers to the selected shape.)

Add Peers

  • To change shapes, select it and then click (On Home menu, in Replace group).
  • You can continue to add shapes where necessary and Edraw will format the chart automatically for you.
  • Note that there is no need to draw connectors. Edraw draws them for you as you add shapes. All shapes are all perfectly sized, spaced and aligned. Your chart is definitely presentation-quality from the beginning.

Adding Photos into an Organigram Shape

Communicate more than organizational structure by adding photos for each position. Put a face to that name. With Edraw, you can do it at lightning speed. First, select the target position and then click Replace Photo in the floating menu.

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Top 12 Benefits to Use Organizational Chart

Fundamentally, organization charts benefit users for its visual communication of information which is more effective than pure text. Furthermore, you can try some productive org charting creators, like this easy org chart software.
The following are some top benefits to using organizational chart:
  1. The organizational chart helps build and design the organizational structure to meet the business’ objectives.
  2. An organizational chart can guide the employees to know their rights and responsibilities.
  3. Organizational chart help divide the functions of a company, enterprise or department.
  4. It also shows the relationships between the organization’s staff members.
  5. With the organizational chart, it’s easy to find out whether the officer’s workload is too heavy.
  6. It’s easy to find whether the unrelated persons undertake the work of several loose, no relationship.
  7. Find out whether an employee is incompetent in this work at important positions.
  8. Make everyone clear within their organizations and improve employee performance.
  9. Other departments are also able to understand and enhance the coordination of the organization.
  10. It’s easy to see the promotion channels open.
  11. Some managers can use the organizational chart tool to analysis budget, design work team and generate reports.
  12. Organizational chart often outlines employee tasks and which manager is responsible for overseeing each employee.

Here is an example to demonstrate how amazing it is.

Service Enterprise Org Chart